Interior design

Ambience in the event of human activities, meetings and simply life has a large role.

Whether it is a ‘’family nest’’ where we live our personal and family privacy, whether it is a business space, pleasant and stimulating environment is extremely important. Our company strives to provide; according to your abilities, desires and needs, through furnishing your space with adequate furniture; and help you to get adequate ambience and have quality content in your life. When doing all that we are trying to adapt to your needs and wishes.


The Turnkey arrangement includes complete furnishing and equipping of interiors with all supporting construction and other works of private, business and tourist facilities and spaces; from concept, its preparation to complete assembly of furniture, appliances and equipment. Our architects and designers will according to your desires make the most desirable design and layout. They will make your space the thing you dreamed about.

Our company is entrusted with arrangements for all kinds of spaces and facilities. Our previous works are crucial recommendation: Kaptol Centar, Cesare Paciotti, Apple Istyle, Australian embassy, Garmin, Henry Lloyd, Haro, Gaastra, Munis d.o.o., MK Ekonomik d.o.o., Gradko d.o.o, Bramgrad d.o.o. Meeting their needs (shopping centers and facilities, offices, commercial multipurpose halls) means besides design to be highly qualified to grasp the needs of certain business and enable and improve its functioning.

When decorating residential areas, many viewers of the series ‘’Četiri zida’’ could see how plain houses, spaces in buildings, old stone houses but also new buildings are converted into magical places where everyone would want to live. It is the expertise of our architects and designers that can turn seemingly bad places into exclusive residences. Your house, or other residential area offers hidden but great opportunities that the real experts are able to identify and turn your space into something you dreamed of.



Painstaking reflection, calculation and concerns and leave your space to us.
In addition to decorating and furnishing complete areas, our company also performed noted and high quality decoration and furnishing of parts of spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, shops, offices, laboratories in your given area. Customized to the whole in which it fits, including architectural building style, personal taste and design of the whole, we performed what the clients wanted.
Our expertise, experience and professionalism allow you to do the same.