Kitchen and kitchen area are defined by the organization of the whole living area on one hand and the role with which it has to meet the requirements of quality family functioning.


It is in the design and organization of the kitchen area that the functioning of the family and their way of understanding the living area comes to the forefront.
Danijel Interiors has a very rich experience when it comes to interior kitchen design and custom kitchen furniture. Customer requests, their tastes, standard and possibilities makeup a range that is hard to perceive.

From classic kitchens in living areas of buildings to the most exclusive villas, where special materials are used on request, the technique of opening elements in all directions and opening drawers on touch with the installation of the world’s top equipment and sensor technology.


The design of custom furniture and kitchen area resembles scenes from the exclusive interior design magazines. Regardless of the living area and the role of the kitchen and its possibilities, it is besides the living room, the place where you spend most of your time.

Therefore, it has to be made to your preference, in colors that will attract and relax you, with maximum utilization of space, which will with its design, colors and functionality transform space and make it pleasurable to stay in. The important thing is the role of kitchen design and the role of the contractor who is furnishing it, creating a sense that encourages creativity through its attractiveness, functionality and comfortable feeling in it.

We provide the manufacture of such kitchen with elegant, attractive and modern solutions in countless different shades of colors with the possibility of installing high-quality appliances.
At the same time they perfectly fit into the composition of the whole space through style and color.
Range is from classic shapes to attractive futuristic design. Available details are numerous: from door elements made of laminated chipboard with stainless steel detailing, aluminum and other suitable materials.


In manufacturing the body of the kitchen there is a series of top material suppliers like KAINDL with a wide variety of décor, high quality hinges from different suppliers whose supply can meet all you requirements ( Clip, Tandembox and Metabox drawers). Pull and rotary baskets PEKA- Switzerland and other supporting hardware (bins, lighting, wall baskets, handles, aluminum frames, kitchen hoods, sinks). MIELE, SCHACHERMAYER, Elgrad-EGGER are the names that will ensure that the offer of performance features is greater than the request, which is rare. Painting massive parts is made with top PU or water-based varnish in three layers.

Kitchens with full solid doors from the Classic style offer, with their firmness and design, create an atmosphere of some ancient nobility and influence the entire experience of living space. Modern designs have endless possibilities of color combinations and shapes in a beautifully designed space and reveal a pleasant domestic atmosphere in a modern setting.


During and after installation and assembly we protect all the connections to prevent water and dirt from entering in order to meet the hygiene standards.

TO SIMPLIFY YOUR CHOICE – From a wide array of materials and equipment of numerous global suppliers, you have at your disposal an expert from our company, and for the design our designers will do anything to meet your requirements for making kitchens that will best fit your needs, space, opportunities and desires.