Business area

Attractive design of furniture contributes to a feeling of satisfaction when working and its functionality provides a sense of lightness.


With good selection of materials and color we get a superbly organized and functional workspace, adapted to each assignment. This goes for all business areas whether it be offices, commercial areas or spaces for other purposes.


We at Danijel Interiors, in addition to furniture design, pay attention to a number of elements and combinations which enables high-quality furnishing of not only individual but also group working spaces. Expression of image and corporate philosophy of your company is emphasized by the choice of materials (natural, ecological and other modern materials), colorful expression and lighting. For an easier selection you have at your disposal an expert from our company who will help you in choosing the most appropriate materials, equipment and design in order to achieve maximum functionality of your furniture and equipment. When selecting equipment you have at your disposal only top suppliers whose equipment together with the furniture will allow you to provide services of the highest standard in your line of work.

With the turnkey option our previous experience in designing business spaces and its complete furnishing can serve as the strongest argument for the selection of Danijel Interiors as a performer of complete design works but also for the manufacturing furniture for already prepared business spaces. Kaptol Centar, Cesare Paciotti, Apple Istyle, Australian embassy, Garmin, Henry Lloyd, Haro, Gaastra, Munis d.o.o., MK Ekonomik d.o.o., Gradko d.o.o, Bramgrad d.o.o… The majority of listed companies and institutions are names for themselves. Meeting their needs (shopping centers, offices, multifunctional commercial halls) means to be highly qualified to fathom the needs of the activity being conducted and facilitating and improving its functioning.


Besides the architectural design and interior design, we have state of the art equipment and furniture as well as specific performance standards from video surveillance, alarms and other security details, installing air conditioning and ventilation, heating, electronic and other equipment to the manufacturing and assembly of furniture with special mechanisms for opening, production of special kitchens with elements going in all directions, opening on touch, installing premium appliances and equipment.

In addition, we also manufacture individual furniture for business areas: tables, counters, cabinets…
Office furniture has found its way into homes. Many people work from home or bring work home. That is why people furnish studies in their private homes.
No matter where you plan to equip your office, there are always good and bad solutions. Shapes, colors, styles, materials, their combinations. Possibilities are endless.


Regardless of whether you need a complete package of furniture or just one piece Danijel Interiors Ltd. offer only one- office furniture of superior design and quality.