Quality of the furniture, design of the space and built-in furniture, desires, visions… these are all general terms to which a client gives its concreteness.

We all come from a particular environment, cultural surroundings, standard of living and thinking, comprehension and evaluation.

In many years of successful work, quality communication with the client always proves to be the decisive factor for a successful business.

Articulated demands, properly ‘’decoded’’ wishes on one hand and clear and unambiguous offer with all terms and arrangements on the other hand, are the essence of this communication.


By harmonizing both segments we come to the final agreement and move from word to action, performance in which we as contractors are clear what you expect from us and you precisely know what the final result will be. Therefore, our services are varied and numerous and ultimately serve to one purpose: a successfully implemented project.

It should be noted that a project is even one individually ordered item because a lot of your thoughts, emotions and intentions are woven into it… That is why our staff is available in each segment of the job in order to explain, advise and inform.

We will offer you the best solutions for your living and working space.
We take care of you from idea to realization in accordance with your wishes and our extensive experience and expertise in the field of design and technology of processing materials (especially modern).

We offer complete service from planning, designing and equipping interiors in general to the manufacturing of individual pieces of furniture.

Along with our experts from our superbly equipped manufacturing facility, there are also other experts such as architects, designers and building contractors participating in our projects who achieved a number of significant, attractive and very successful construction designs.

We have a number of services that are always available and they include:

  1. Informing about all the possibilities and conditions of interior design and furniture design for your space.
  2. Professional advice about interior design.
  3. Professional advice in choosing appliances, equipment and devices to be installed
  4. Presenting new trends in interior design on the global market
  5. Making conceptual designs
  6. Supreme 3D visualizations
  7. Designing
  8. Making cost-estimates
  9. Complete organization, implementation and monitoring all associated construction works
  10. Complete mediation in purchasing and equipping with appliances, devices and equipment as well as installation
  11. Turnkey service
  12. Designing individual rooms
  13. Designing and manufacturing custom furniture for the entire space, specific room or custom individual pieces of furniture


Besides decorating and furnishing complete spaces, our company also performed notable and high quality furnishing and planning of individual rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms in a defined space, customized to the whole unit into which it fits, including architectural style, taste and design of the whole unit.


Everything has a price, and supreme performance and cheapness are incompatible concepts.
Capable of the most exclusive orders, we at Danijel Interiors Ltd. are aware that aesthetics, taste and culture of living are not something reserved for the elite. Therefore, there are different payment arrangements which will help you to achieve your ideas.



Price has always been a matter of discretion and agreement in a fair relationship which is treasured here, apart from the usual non-cash installment payments and credit card payments, we also include arrangements.