The classic image of the bathroom and its role in the life of a modern man is completely altered due to new needs and lifestyle.


High standard, culture of living and the new role of the bathroom brought changes in the design of bathroom space as a whole. The awareness of a modern man, that in the bathroom he can relax and take a break from everyday life and stress, has led to a new way of designing that allowed additional facilities. It has become normal that we transform our bathrooms into wellness oasis. It is not unusual that the bathroom area is connected to a space for fitness, body building or trim equipment.
These changes were reflected on the manufacture of bathroom furniture, equipment and sanitation as well as on the overall design of the bathroom area.


Bathroom in addition to its primary function, has to serve as a space for relaxation or seeking intimacy and solitude but also as a cheerful place for children before bedtime.
Bathroom whether large or small (depending on the size of the living space , resources and needs of the family) has to be converted into a beautiful and pleasurable room where you will feel good, This general rule of design and decoration is true regardless of whether it is intended for children, singles or the whole family.


With quality design and proper selection of materials bathroom can easily become your relaxation center.
Our company offers a wide range of materials, bathroom tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom accessories, which ultimately provides quality design of your modern bathroom. Using marble, granite, stainless steel, glass and other modern materials, your bathroom will get an exclusive look in which relaxation will turn into a real vacation. Choosing sanitary ware from the rich offer of our suppliers you can’t go wrong. The choice is sanitary ware which will satisfy the most demanding users who expect the most of their bathroom.

Lightweight construction, transparent materials, adequately selected colors, different elements adapted to the area, it is a part of well-established repertoire of Danijel Interiors with which we point out the advantages of bathroom area and create a design which lures you in and whose exclusive look can offer a new sensation. Functionality is increased because it offers a possibility of meeting the needs of modern man who needs more than a classic bathroom.


In designing bathrooms our company developed an offer of new quality materials, new color tones which together with adequate and improved lighting as well as new performance techniques, make the inside of the bathroom more pleasurable, useful and more beautiful.


Beauty and functionality, attractiveness and exclusivity can be achieved in numerous ways. It all depends on your needs, wishes and shape of your space. In the end, you can also have a bathroom you’ve always wanted and more than that.